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Two new businesses open on Campus Corner

Originally published at OU Daily March 25, 2019

Two new storefronts opened up on Campus Corner in March.

The new additions are the restaurant Coullion's and Green Buffalo, the first dispensary on Campus Corner. 

The former location of Meatball House, or House 333 as it was re-named, is now home to Coullion's, a self-proclaimed New Orleans-style restaurant. The store officially opened March 8, according to its Facebook page. 

The former House 333 opened as Meatball House in 2015 after the closure of Café Plaid.

Another new Campus Corner storefront is Green Buffalo, a CBD and medical marijuana dispensary, which opened on March 14 and had a soft opening March 16. 

The front of the store offers CBD products, glass pipes, papers and other merchandise, while the back of the store hosts medicinal marijuana products, said Casey Goodner, director of retail operations. 

Goodner said the company plans to open four total locations, including stores at Berry and Robinson streets, Main and Crawford streets and 36th and Tecumseh streets. He said the Berry and Robinson streets location will tentatively open in late April, but the additional store-fronts opening dates are yet to be confirmed.

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