• Abigail Hall

Mahoney withdraws, McDugle certified District 12 Republican nominee

Originally published at Muskogee Phoenix July 5, 2018

Nick Mahoney withdrew his petition for recount in the District 12 race against Kevin McDugle, and McDugle has been certified as the Republican nominee.

"After I talked to counsel and family, we just felt like this election had drug on, and it was time for not only me to move on, but for the election process to move on," Mahoney said. "It's time for our party to come together and move forward to November."

Mahoney lost the primary race by three votes. Earlier in June he suspended his campaign, but after the unofficial election results were tabulated, he submitted a petition for recount and irregularities on July 1. Mahoney said when he saw how close the race was, he wanted verification.

However, he withdrew the petitions this week at the Oklahoma State Election Board.

Mahoney said his initial pursuit of the irregularity petition was to pursue any possibilities of irregularity in the race, although he did not state the suspected nature.

The election board certified the results of the primary election on Tuesday. Kevin McDugle was certified as the Republican nominee for District 12 state representative to move forward in the general election on Nov. 6.

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